Jeremy Clarkson calls on trolls to leave producer Oisin Tymon alone: 'None of this is his fault'

The former Top Gear host was approached by reporters as he rode his bicycle earlier today

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Jeremy Clarkson is urging his fans to stop blaming the show producer he punched for his sacking.

Oisin Tymon, who had to receive medical attention following the unprovoked attack at a hotel in Yorkshire earlier this month, has been targeted by trolls on social media.

Approached by reporters as he rode his bicycle earlier today, he said: “All I would like to say is I wish people would leave Ois alone, because none of this is his fault.”

The journalists gathered had asked the former Top Gear presenter whether he was worried about been arrested by the police over the incident.

Findings from the BBC inquiry included that "Oisin Tymon was shocked and distressed by the incident, and believed that he had lost his job" and had been so badly hit that he needed to go to A&E for swelling an bleeding to his mouth.

While the producer does not have a Twitter account, a number of Clarkson supporters posted their disdain for the producer on social media:

Oisin Tymon had to go to A&E !!! let's hope he visits the morgue VERY soon , arsewipe !!!

Paul Richer (@PaulmRicher) March 25, 2015

@BBC Message for Oisin Tymon. You are a GRASS! Nobody likes a grass! Man up... You had a fight and ran to mother bbc when you lost! #Pussy

Danny reload (@Danny_reload) March 25, 2015

All could have been avoided if this Oisin Tymon geezer had a pair and just punched him back... #Clarkson #RIPTopGear

Lee (@sutman6) March 25, 2015

Oisin Tymon asshole who killed Top gear

ElGuapo (@ElGuapoElGuapa) March 25, 2015

Oisin Tymon is a cry baby bunting, which makes me wonder if he didn't deserve it

Peter Nunn (@SirPeterNunn) March 25, 2015

#OisinTymon murderer of the world's greatest motor show.

Jose Asiimwe (@Franky_4Fingaz) March 25, 2015

Oisin tymon don't mess with a hungry bloke, a professional show deserves professional catering enough said good luck clarkson go get em

realbloke (@Oneworld4me) March 25, 2015

Everyone gets a smack to the dish at least once in their life...Oisin Tymon needs to harden up the wee fanny and get on with it!

chris davidson (@chrisdavidson3) March 25, 2015