Jeremy Clarkson in one word, according to the British public

We asked the public to describe Jeremy Clarkson in just one word

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With the BBC announcing their decision to not renew Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear contract, it seems many are divided on Clarkson, the man: he is seemingly the BBC’s Marmite.

Over a million people signed - in vain - a petition in the past few weeks asking for the Top Gear guru to be reinstated after he was suspended from the programme after allegedly punching a producer. The treasured document was even handed to the BBC on a tank.

Even the Prime Minister's daughter, Nancy Cameron, went on hunger strike in protest.

However, others are not so sure, seeing the motoring motor-mouth as a bully, with many commenting on accusations of racism in the past.

James May seemed to sum it up: "I’ve said many times before the man is a k**b but I quite like him."

The Independent decided to put the matter to the public, showing people a picture of Clarkson and asking them to describe him in just one word.

Watch the video to find out what the public think - is Clarkson a bully, or the people's bully?