Jeremy Clarkson jokes about 'f**king BBC' giving him the sack as Bring Back Clarkson petition is shy of 1 million signatures

The Top Gear presenter addressed the audience at a charity gala

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Jeremy Clarkson hinted that he's ready to hang up his driving gloves for good during an off-hand joke about the BBC getting rid of him.

Talking to the crowd at the Roundhouse Gala on Thursday night, a nostalgic Clarkson was filmed by The Mirror saying: "I thought: 'I'll go down to Surrey and I'll do one last lap of that track before the f**king b**tards sack me.'

He added: "It was a great show and they've f**ked it up. Tonight's the night when you have the opportunity to... and I'll be a bit tearful."

The presenter was auctioning off what he described as his final lap of the Top Gear track.

"I don't know when I did my last lap of the Top Gear test track before the f**king BBC sacked me."

Clarkson's timing, however, seems premature. The presenter and columnist has not been formally dismissed by the corporation, but has been suspended.

An investigation into his behaviour during a "fracas" over hot food is ongoing, with the BBC set to announce the outcome next week.

On Friday morning, the "Bring Back Clarkson" petition was nearly 13,000 signatures shy of the 1 million target. The petition to reinstate the presenter to the BBC motoring programme was started by political blogger Guido Fawkes, aka Paul Staines.

Clarkson's time at the BBC is far from over as he's due to present Have I Got News For You next month.