Jeremy Corbyn rescues woman in wheelchair at Labour party conference

  • Former Labour MP Candy Atherton got stuck on stage after making a speech
  • The new Labour leader joked 'the party serves' as he guided her off the stage
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Jeremy Corbyn proved he is not all words and no action today after coming to the rescue of a disabled woman who got stuck on stage at the Labour party conference. 

The new Labour leader was hailed as a “hands on leader” by the conference chairman as he and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell jumped to her cries of “I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I’m stuck” from party delegate and former Labour MP Candy Atherton, who had just finished a speech in the main conference hall. 

Mr Corbyn joked: “The party serves” as he guided her off the stage. 

Ms Atherton is also an ex-mayor of Islington, Mr Corbyn’s constituency

Ms Atherton served as MP for Falmouth from 1997-2005 and is also an ex-mayor of Islington, Mr Corbyn’s constituency.