Jeremy Corbyn silences critics with response to the accusation that he's unelectable - video

Video: The Islington North MP sat down with The Independent to discuss his increasingly popular leadership campaign

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As Jeremy Corbyn nears a possible surprise victory in the Labour leadership race, the Islington North MP spoke to The Independent about his impressive campaign and what the future could hold for himself and the Labour party.

A new poll this week gave Mr Corbyn a 22-point lead in the Labour leadership race and he is now the bookies' favourite to win.

Yet despite Mr Corbyn's popularity among Labour members - especially a growing number of young people joining the party - critics still claim he is far too left wing to be a serious contender for 10 Downing Street come 2020. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair warned Labour members not to vote for Mr Corbyn, arguing that the party could lose another two general elections if it drifts further to the left. Mr Blair even told Labour supporters who backed Mr Corbyn to get a heart transplant.

When Mr Corbyn was asked by The Independent whether he felt he was unelectable as a possible Prime Minister, the Islington North MP had an incredibly succinct response -- watch above: