Jeremy Kyle refuses to rule out political career

The presenter was speaking ahead of his new six-part series, The Kyle Files, which airs on Thursday

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Westminster, be warned - Jeremy Kyle is threatening to enter a career in politics.

The talk show host, 49, said that he would consider stepping out of aggressive people management and into… A larger, nation-wide version of the exact same thing.

“I've always said I would never say never when it comes to politics,” he told The Sun.

“There's still more I want to do on television but yes, somewhere down the line, maybe in ten years.

“If it interests you and you think you can make a difference, then why not?

“It's interesting watching what's happening now as we head towards an election. It is all about PR and spin. People just need to be told the truth.”

He did not elaborate on his current political persuasion. Would be stand for the Labour party, perhaps, who bid to hire the presenter for a government broadcast aimed at getting young people off benefits and back into work in 2008 (according to this)?

Or would his tough love attitude and hard-line approach to the treatment of drug addicts be more suited to the Conservatives?


He did, however, freely discuss his beauty regime with the tabloid, which involves tri-yearly botox injections.

“I first got it done when I was filming in America, doing something like 112 flights in two years, at a time when I could have slept for 12 hours and still looked dreadful,” he said.  “I gave it a lot of thought and I don’t regret it at all. I see pictures of myself BB — before Botox — and I see the ones after and I am happy. I am on television 1,500 times a year and it is a very small way, and a safe way, of looking a little bit better than I used to.

“Is that vanity? Some will say that. Is is silly? Some will say it is. But I’m not going to lie about it, why would I?

“There are loads of my peers who I’m sure have had it done and are wondering why I am admitting to it but the whole of the UK knows I only have one ball. You can’t do a show like this and not be honest.”