Jeremy Paxman has 'no objection' to assisted suicide: 'We should all be making some preparation for a decent death'

The former Newsnight presenter used his Edinburgh Festival Fringe stand-up to discuss the issue

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Jeremy Paxman has shown his support for assisted suicide.

Talking as part of his debut Edinburgh Festival Fringe stand-up show, the former Newsnight presenter said he had "no objection" to the act.

"Death is the one thing that awaits everyone of us and of course it is completely unknowable," he said.

"It seems to me we should all be making some preparation for a decent death, and speaking for myself, I have no objection to assisted suicide, at all.

"If it requires someone to help you, I think they should be entitled to help you."

Paxman’s show features a spinning wheel which generates different topics, including death.

The veteran broadcaster joked at a preview last week during his gig that his ideal way of curbing the rising elderly population was to build more Dignitas clinics.

"The fact is there's just too many old people around so I would like to invite you all to join my crowdfunding project for a franchise of Dignitas clinics," he quipped. "There will be one on every High Street.

"They're going to be rather like Sweeney Todd's pie shops – they'll be disguised as tea shops. You'll take Auntie Doris there and drop her off and she will say, 'See you next Tuesday,' and you will say, 'Well ... possibly.'"