Jim Carrey imposter actually makes it onto film awards stage after organisers mistake him for the real thing

The organisers of the Czech Lion Awards believed 'nothing indicated it was a ruse', not even the fact it wasn't actually the actor

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A really bad Jim Carrey impersonator became the unlikely star of a film festival after he not only managed to be invited to the event and walk the red carpet, but also made it out on stage.

The organisers of the Czech Lion Awards were taken in by the imposter following a note allegedly from the Canadian actor’s management saying that he wanted to attend the Eastern European Oscars equivalent.

 Cue a rather awkward introduction onto the podium byhost Lucie Vyborna, and an uncomfortable wave to an audience who weren’t in the least bit fooled.

“It was really him,” Vyborna insisted to local paper Blesk, despite the fact most people with eyes would probably contend otherwise.

But organisers were eventually forced to concede their erroneous judgement.


“Nothing indicated it was a ruse and we did not pay any money to the false actor,” a spokesperson for the Czech Lion Awards said, despite being a person with eyes.

“We have become very likely the target of a very elaborate hoax,” film director Jan Sverak added. “I’m so sorry.”

“I am very sorry, I apologise. It was not my intention, but I must salute someone’s perfect game in managing to con us.”

The real Jim Carrey was last seen sporting a tweed jacket and a peppered beard as he made his way out of a pre-Oscars party in Hollywood on Saturday.