Jim Davidson reacts to claims of Operation Yewtree joke: 'Bloody newspapers' distorted truth about my stand-up

Comedian Davidson had reportedly joked that the faceless silhouettes in Yewtree-related articles all “looked like Terry Wogan to me”

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Jim Davidson has hit back at claims that he launched an expletive-ridden attack on fellow comedians as well as the Met’s investigation into historic sex offences, while performing in Doncaster.

During his stage show No Further Action on 4 October, the 60-year-old reportedly joked about the silhouettes used in newspapers to illustrate unnamed suspects in Operation Yewtree and said they all “looked like Terry Wogan to me”, adding: “I can’t bear him so I wanted it to be him. And Paul Daniels as well.”

Davidson, who was arrested in January 2013 for alleged historic sex offences but was later released without charge, also reportedly said that officers had gone “a bit f****** bonkers” chasing “paedophiles and perverts”, the Mirror reports.

He also said that police had told him at the time: “Cheer up, it’s not as if it’s underage sex.”

Terry Wogan and Paul Daniels have neither been arrested nor linked to the Met's investigation in any way.


In an unrelated section of the show he then branded Sir Bruce Forsyth as “a f****** old b****** and said “Is he dead yet?”.

Yesterday, Davidson rejected the story in a blog post entitled ‘Bloody Papers’ on his website: “The newspapers have a wonderful way of distorting the truth. They can’t help themselves. They play into the hands of haters and trolls and then take no responsibility for their actions.”

Showing support for veteran TV presenter Sir Bruce, he added: “keep going Brucie, we all love ya!  Strictly [Come Dancing] is not the same without you.”

He also addressed the scathing criticism he had directed towards the venue he performed in that same night.

Just before his performance, Davidson had tweeted about his disgust at the Doncaster Dome calling it a “sports hall” which is “a dump it looks derelict. Dirty and awful,” before lamenting that his dressing room was his car and posting pictures of the sorry state of the venue.

In the blog post he said: “Oh by the way, the Doncaster Dome is disgraceful…ask anyone who went. The people of Donny deserve better. Shame on the council…but blame me eh …shame on you.”

Chris Hone, Head of Commercial Development at Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust, said: “We always work closely with the performers to ensure that they are happy and are able to deliver their show to the dedicated fans who have paid to come and see them," reports the Doncaster Free Press.

“We apologise to any customers who were offended by the disparaging tweets about the venue by the act who performed earlier this month.”