JK Rowling turns 50: Ron, Luna and Hagrid actors wish Harry Potter author a happy birthday

TIME magazine got the cast of the eight films to send their regards

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Not only is July 31st famously Harry Potter’s birthday, it’s also the day his creator, JK Rowling, was born.

And while most people are content with a birthday card that’s been passed round the office and a crisp fiver from Auntie Mavis, Rowling was inundated with messages from the stars who took her story from the page to the big screen.

TIME magazine called on some of the show’s iconic characters (and some you might have forgotten about) to send Rowling well wishes, kind words and maybe the occasional chocolate frog.

Robbie Coltrane, who played gentle (half) giant Hagrid, praised the author for her sense of humour and incredible impact on getting more children to read.

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"Perhaps you could celebrate your half century by writing a hilarious film. Perhaps, starring, I don’t know, a large Scottish man," he joked.

Evanna Lynch, who played the quirky Luna Lovegood, sent a heartfelt message about how inspiring the author had been to her on their very first meeting.

"It was both marvelous and incredible to realise you were human, to see your warmth, curiosity, the generous gaze and genuine interest you afforded each person you encountered," she said.

"You left me with the distinct impression that small, sensitive ladies can change the world."

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Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson were absent from the well-wishers, but Rupert Grint sent a brief, typically Ron Weasley-esque message wishing her a happy birthday.

And Matthew Lewis thanked Rowling for changing his life in writing the character of Neville Longbottom.

"She’s just a wonderful human being and I consider myself so privileged and honoured to call her a friend," he said.