Joey Barton receives death threat, finds grammatical errors more offensive

The QPR player reacted perfectly to an angry Twitter troll

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Joey Barton isn’t phased by a little thing like a letter from an angry man, threatening him with death for playing away in France.

The QPR midfielder shared an insight into his ‘fan base’ when he tweeted some charming mail he received while he spent the 2012-2013 season with Marseille:

"A little friendly advice: as soon as you finish your season in your current club, I advice you to leave France immediatly [sic]," the letter reads.

"In fact, if you're not left France before June 1st, I will come to you specially Marseille smash your head shots baseball bat."

Littered with expletives, the note went on to describe the state in which said ‘fan’ wished Barton’s body to be discovered.

But it wasn’t the thought of eternal darkness or even the unimaginable pain that follows having one’s head caved in with a baseball bat that particularly perturbed the star. It was the repeat grammatical errors his threat contained:

Perhaps questionably, he later tweeted a Google Maps image of the Paris address given on the letter:

However, Barton saved the 'fan' a potential prison term when he returned to England the following season and re-joined QPR.

He had initially left the country in a cloud of controversy, after he was sent off in the final 2011/2012 season game against Manchester City for misconduct, and subsequently banned for 12 matches.