John Prescott banned from driving after being caught speeding in his Jaguar

‘I’ve been involved in bringing speeding legislation in and I have to face the consequences’

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Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has been banned from driving for six months after he was caught speeding in his Jaguar.

Lord Prescott was caught driving at 60mph in a 50mph zone when he was driving through Lincolnshire, after spending a day helping his son David move house.

The former Hull East MP already had nine points on his license when he arrived at Grantham Magistrates Court. He was given another three points for speeding, bringing his total points up to 12, which is an automatic ban. He will be allowed behind the wheel again in November.


Lord Prescott told the Hull Daily Mail that he is “not arguing” with the ruling.

“I’ve been involved in bringing speeding legislation in and I have to face the consequences, but that’s life and you can’t have any excuse,” he said.

This is not the first time Lord Prescott has been caught speeding. In July 1988, March 1989, January 1991 and January 1997 he was caught speeding. He was fined for the first two instances, but the 1991 incident saw him banned from driving for 21 days after he was stopped on the M1 doing 105mph.

In 1997, he was stopped by police for driving on icy roads at 80mph on the M62. Police had, at the time, recommended people drive at a maximum of 30mph due to the weather, The Telegraph reports.