Jon Stewart merrily destroyed anti-gay marriage supporters on the Daily Show

The satirist and political commentator ripped into American states opposed to gay rights

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Jon Stewart ridiculed US states such as Texas by baking a "hate cake".

To mock Texas' recent Faith and Family Day, which involved a ceremonial cake-cutting to celebrate the state's decade-old ban on same-sex marriage, Stewart had a “hate cake” baked on Monday's edition of the Daily Show.

“This is the best hate cake I’ve ever had!” he said. “It’s so good! It tastes like moldy Bibles and the tears of the decent.”


Stewart also mocked Arkansas' same-sex marriage ban and new attempts to block LGBT rights, saying: “Hey, you think people are going to have a problem with this new ‘It’s Okay To Still Discriminate Against Gross Gay People Act’? Why risk it - let’s look up a name in our big book of ‘Bulls**t Names You Can Call Laws.’”

He added that if Walmart - who last month opposed the state's anti-gay legislation - thought your stance on an issue was un-progressive, then it must be. “Here’s a clue that you might be on the wrong side of history,” Stewart said. “When even the company that had to be convinced not to lock up their Mexicans in their stores overnight thinks you're ‘out there’.”

Stewart was referring to a policy some years ago whereby Walmart locked night workers in some of its stores, particularly in high crime areas. The company said at the time: "Doors are locked to protect associates and the store from intruders. Fire doors are always accessible for safety" and that the company changed its policy to ensure a key-holder was always on the premises.

Stewart has announced that he'll be leaving the programme later in the year, and rumoured replacements include Tina Fey and Dennis Miller.