Jools Holland makes a truly spectacular fall at the GQ Awards

The musician delivers the event’s most impressive red carpet appearance

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There have been many talking points from the GQ Awards which took place at the Royal Opera House yesterday (2 September).

Tony Blair questionably received Philanthropist of the Year; Kim Kardashian won Best Woman for reasons no one seems to understand and went on to berate GQ editor Dylan Jones for not mentioning her full name (it’s Kim Kardashian West, OK?).

Also of mild interest is the spectacular falls of Jools Holland and Cara Delevingne (scroll to watch the film). We were set to deliberate over the consistency of the red carpet (maybe it was sticky or made from a dodgy texture which heightens the chances of topples), but the incidents took place on separate floors, so detective work will be left for another story.

First to Jools Holland’s fall. He tripped rather impressively over a slight bump in the red carpet and nearly completed a presumably physically exertive side roll, landing not so neatly on his back. Ever the performer, Holland regained his composure, stood up and bowed to fans queuing to catch a glimpse of the event’s many high-profile guests.

Delevingne’s trip was of the more deliberate genre – in fact, she wrestled designer Jonathan Saunders to the ground at the awards after-party. Proving her worth as one of the country’s most game of models, she made the manoeuvre while wearing her floor-length sheer Burberry gown.cara.jpg

Sadly, we couldn’t find evidence of a third fall which would have made it a trend, so we’ll just have to presume that further drink-induced stackings went undocumented at the after-party instead.