Justin Bieber asks how many questions are left - just four minutes into an interview

The singer said his 'style and brand has shifted culture'

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Justin Bieber has added to a string of unfortunate media appearances by asking an interviewer “how many more questions” - just four minutes into the interview.

Having just discussed his friendship with world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jnr, Bieber made the query while lying down wearily on journalist Mouloud Achour - who reassures him “not a lot”.

The interview with French media outlet Clique then continues for almost another 10 minutes.

Continuing, the singer says his “style and brand has shifted culture” and that his “influence has been really big”.


The interview comes after Bieber recently confronted producers of the US Today programme live on air, when the camera crew failed to catch his dance moves while he moved around the stage.

Bieber has made no secret of his desire to shake off his bratty child-star-gone-bad image he acquired following a number of arrests and legal issues.

He tried to repair that image in a number of ways, most notably by taking part in a comedy roast centred around him and showing his vulnerability by crying straight after his VMA 2015 performance.

In the most recent interview, the Canadian admits he is often “walking on eggshells… trying to make sure people don’t think I’m being disrespectful”.

After the awkward question at the start, Bieber continues to discuss a range of issues including his views on gun control in the US, preferring his native country of Canada’s, stricter approach.

The 21-year-old also admitted to feeling “lonely”, saying “there’s no depth” to some of the relationships he makes in showbiz. However, he says recently he is much happier and is in the “best place ever, probably [the best] I’ve ever been in my life".

After an uncomfortable start, the interview ends on a high as he embraces Mr Achour, telling him: “I love hanging with you, you’re a good man”.