Kanye West asks white publications to stop reviewing black music

Pablo's Twitter is a goldmine

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Surprise, the Kanye West tweetstorm isn’t over. And who can blame him?

Seemingly absent from press, SNL performance aside, the 38-year-old self proclaimed genius of the hip-hop game is getting more and more headlines from the messages spewed off his Twitter account.

Now West is calling out the online music publication Pitchfork for undermining the quality of his art. The publication has always been kind to the producer-turned-rapper-turned-fashion designer. And on Monday, they gave West's seventh studio album The Life of Pablo a 9/10.

“Pablo Picasso and Kanye West share many qualities—impatience with formal schooling, insatiable and complicated sexual appetites, a vampiric fascination with beautiful women as muses—but Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole,” the review begins.

Pitchfork's Jayson Greene continues: "Thankfully, he's bringing a Kanye album, and Kanye albums make pretty goddamn good gifts. His devotion to the craft of album-making remains his greatest talent. Albums are his legacy, what he knows, deep down, will endure after the circus of attention he maintains around him subsides."

“His ability to package hundreds of stray threads into a whole that feels not just thrilling, but inevitable—at this, he is better than everyone, and he throws all of his best tricks into The Life of Pablo to remind us," the more than 2,000 word review continues. "He picks the right guests and gives them idealized settings, making people you don't care about sound fantastic and people you do care about sound immortal.”

Sounds quite positive, right? Here’s what Yeezy had to say:

So, while West isn't completely wrong to criticize the media who cover black artists — see Fox News' recent criticism of Beyoncé's pro-black southern anthem "Formation" or Kendrick Lamar's seemingly accidental protest anthem "Alright" — he does take on a few outlets who typically stand in the corner of his artistry.