Kanye West has brush with death on hiking trip after exercising in abandoned minefield

The rapper's personal trainer Harley Pasternak recalls the incident

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Kanye West goes to phenomenal lengths to be the “world class celebrity” he strives to present himself as.

When he’s not juggling eight mobile phones, a baby, a fashion line and a mixing desk in the studio, he’s lying on chatroom floors, berating photographers and ascending tables at Nando’s.

Or occasionally working up a sweat in an abandoned military minefield, his trainer and “close friend” Harley Pasternak told Billboard magazine.

Paternak said the rapper was “nearly blown to bits” when the pair accidentally crossed into the dangerous area on a hiking trip.



Seeing the hazard signs just in time, they were able to nimbly navigate their way back to safety without setting off any explosives.

Pasternak went on to share exactly what it’s like to be Mr West's go-to fitness guru. Unsurprisingly, it’s not easy.

“It's tough getting him to work within a structure,” he said.

“He's more likely to send an email mocking something I've worn!”