Kanye West shakes hands with paparazzi photographer he assaulted after settling lawsuit

The rap artist pleaded no contest last year to misdemeanour charge

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Kanye West has settled a civil lawsuit in maybe the least-Kanye-West way possible: by shaking hands with the paparazzi photographer that he assaulted in July 2013.


Daniel Ramos, the photographer, was at Los Angeles International Airport in 2013 when West exited the airport and was flocked by several photographers. West appeared to grow increasingly agitated before rushing Ramos and engaging in a brief struggle that left the photographer on the ground.


Ramos filed a civil suit seeking general and punitive damages, claiming that West had interfered with the photographer’s right to pursue a lawful occupation, CNN reported. The case was to go to trial next week, but West and Ramos were able to settle out of court.

West pleaded no contest last year to a misdemeanour battery charge and was sentenced to two years’ probations, anger management and anger management.

The amount of the settlement was not disclosed, but Ramos’ lawyer said one of the most important factors in the settlement was an apology from West, who obliged and shook hands with the photographer.