Karen Danczuk says she is bisexual in response to 'threat to expose her'

The former Labour councillor tweeted that an ex-girlfriend had threatened to expose her by selling her story to the press

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Former Labour councillor Karen Danczuk has said she is bisexual, after an ex-girlfriend allegedly threatened to out her by selling her story.

The selfie-loving former politician tweeted her announcement to her 67,000 followers.

She wrote: “I’m sick of people trying to make money off me so let me get it out now. I’m bisexual… I admit it. So ex G friend your plan has failed.”

She did not reveal who the former partner threatening to expose her is.

The 32-year-old was elected as a Labour councillor for the Kingsway Ward to Rochdale Borough Council in 2011. She announced at the beginning of this year that she was stepping down from political life to “achieve a better balance of work and family life.”

In June of this year, Ms Danczuk separated from her husband Simon Danczuk, who is MP for Rochdale.