Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan on that awful moment he ran over his own father

Luckily, now his father is healed, he’s able to see the funny side of the ‘worst day of his life’

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Tom Meighan once ran over his own father by accident.

The Kasabian frontman’s dad, Tom Snr, had to be rushed to hospital after he accelerated into him, instead of release the handbrake as he was instructed to do.

The Glastonbury headlining musician, 33, described the terrifying moment as "the worst day of his life".

"It was a freak accident, it was horrible," The Mirror quotes him as saying.

"I can drive but it was in an automatic car. It was too fast. It was a real shock at the time."

But time is, indeed, a healer. And luckily, he’s now able to see the lighter side of the situation.


"It would only happen to me," he continues, speaking at Kasabian's Summer Solstice gig screening, held in Leicester Sqaure by Sony Xperia Access on Wednesday night (16 July).

"We have laughed about it now and that’s all you can do. I’m very close to my dad.

"He’s a very amazing person to have around, so that happening was awful."

Elsewhere, he discussed his trouble with tinnitus ("It’s my own fault though. I did it to myself.") and aptly pointed out, for those who might have been confused, that Kasabian and One Direction aren’t the same band.

"It’s a teenage thing and fair play to them. As long as my daughter doesn’t like them then I won’t be bothered," he apparently said.

"I f***ing hope she doesn’t. They aren’t men, they are children.

"They are a marketable pop band, no one tells us what to do – ever."