Kate Moss easyJet incident: Passengers come forward to defend 'disruptive' supermodel

easyJet has refused to comment further on the incident

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Passengers who took the same easyJet flight as Kate Moss from Turkey to London have spoken out in defence of the model, who was escorted from the jet by police for being “disruptive”.

More witnesses to the incident have come forward since one passenger revealed to the MailOnline that Moss called the pilot a “basic b****” as she was led from the plane by officers at Luton Airport.

They claim easyJet crew members overreacted to Moss’s behaviour during the flight, which apparently included walking up and down the aisles to speak to other members of her party, drinking from her own bottle of vodka and trying to get up to go to the bathroom once seatbelt lights had been turned on.

Speaking to The Guardian, one unnamed passenger said she was surprised to see police waiting when the plane had landed and felt “easyJet must have seen a lot worse”.

“It was very unnecessary to call the police, it does cost money which could be spent catching criminals,” the passenger said.

Other witnesses said Moss had been refused alcohol by the “grumpy” cabin crew, and that she “didn’t look bothered at all” by the time she and her friends, who had been celebrating Sadie Frost’s 50th birthday in Bodrum, were waiting for their baggage.

And speaking to the MailOnline, another passenger said: “She was not aggressive to anyone and was funny really. The crew were acting out of proportion.”

A spokesperson for easyJet said the airline had nothing further to add after it issued a statement confirming only that police were called to flight EZY2232 “due to the behaviour of a passenger on board”.

The statement said that the airline “does not tolerate disruptive behaviour and will always report any incidents to the authorities”.