BBC presenter reduced to tears as Syrian baby is rescued from the rubble

'My job to be inscrutable & impartial but I am also human,' says the news presenter

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A BBC News presenter has broken down in tears after presenting a story of a baby being dramatically rescued from the rubble in Syria.

Kate Silverton, a 46-year-old journalist who has long been a mainstay on the channel, found herself unable to contain her tears on Friday's BBC lunchtime news after showcasing the harrowing footage. The clip showed a Syrian rescue worker extracting a baby covered in dust and the residue of yet another airstrike from a bomb-destroyed building in Idlib, 40 miles south-west of Aleppo.

The baby girl, who is estimated to be just 30 days old, was brought to safety by a White Helmets volunteer Abu Kifah after several hours spent digging for casualties after air strikes. Like Silverton, Mr Kifah was also reduced to tears after transporting the injured baby to a nearby ambulance.

After showing the dramatic footage, Silverton went straight on to presenting another story but looked visibly emotional while doing so, with tears streaming down her cheeks and makeup smudged on her face.

Viewers praised Silverton’s display of emotion on social media, with one commending her “utmost poise and professionalism following an extremely distressing piece”.

Silverton thanked the audience for their support, explaining that she was only human. “To all of you sending thoughts - thank you - no words really - my job to be inscrutable & impartial but I am also human #syria,” she tweeted.

“As ever you are empathic - human moments are indeed contagious - how we wish it could effect change to stop the killing - on all sides,” Silverton later added.

“Kate Silverton Heartwarming response to your reaction I think. And these human moments are contagious. The world is better with them,” wrote one viewer. While another said, “You're one of the few bright sparks still at the BBC. Very humble and humane. Kudos to you.”

“Exceptional delivery of the news Kate... very difficult story to deliver. I cried with you,” added another.

The White Helmets were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year and have helped save thousands of lives throughout years of fighting prompted by the Syrian Civil War.