Katie Hopkins criticised by Piers Morgan over 'repulsive' Glasgow Ebola comment

The professional Twitter troll describes the Scots as ‘sweaty little jocks’

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Piers Morgan was among many Twitter users to berate Katie Hopkins for her latest Twitter outburst.

The target of her most recent caustic views? A healthcare worker who has just returned from West Africa, has been with diagnosed with Ebola and was treated in Glasgow. She has since been transferred to the Royal Free Hospital in North London, which has a specialist isolation unit.

Hopkins chastised the “little sweaty jocks” for “sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians”.

She also saw fit to raise the issue of Scottish independence.

Naturally, she addressed “small woman” Nicola Sturgeon and gave a sarcastic word of thanks.

Her unarguably insensitive comments provoked strong reactions on Twitter, led by Piers Morgan.

Among Hopkins’ many, many contentious, often cruel views this year include her scolding of Jessica Ennis-Hill for bravely making a stand against convicted rapist Ched Evans; her complaint about the “negligence” of Kate and Gerry McCann; her criticism of the parenting skills of the late Peaches Geldof; and the time that she described “travellers and gypsies feral humans”.