Katie Hopkins says she's had welfare 'follow-up' after officials were alerted that her children might be at risk

The Sun columnist’s Twitter feed worried authorities

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Katie Hopkins was reported to social services by a follower on Twitter who was disturbed by the controversial content of her feed.

According to The Sun columnist, she was phoned by the authorities after an anonymous reader contacted them concerned that her views could be damaging to her children.

“I did have a call the other day from part of social services that they were concerned about the welfare of my child based on my Twitter feed, which someone thought might be damaging them,” she told Management Today on how her children cope with her less than popular public profile.

“They said they had to call to follow it up.

“If you're a fort at the top of the hill - which is how I see myself and my family - you will get incoming, like massive great mortar shells. And you always have to be ready for the next thing.”


Hopkins, who has been reported to the police numerous times for allegations of incitement to racial hatred, showed the public a rare glimpse of her compassionate side in an open letter to her children to read in case she dies from her epilepsy.

“We know Mum's doctor says her epilepsy will get her one day. Fruit loops say Karma will,” she begins her piece to Maximillian, 10 , and daughters India, nine , and Poppy, six, published by the Huffington Post UK.

She listed eight pearls of wisdom for them to follow, including “never trust a zebra crossing” and “girls are weird”.

“We agree, Tampax make great mice. But not everyone thinks like us. Sometimes we are odd. This is OK too.”

“Sometimes doing well is reason enough for other people to put you down,” she continued.

“If someone frowns at you, smile back. Absorbing ill-will makes you stronger. And I want you to be the strongest person you can be.”

 “If you forget all this, that's OK. Mummy made some royal cock-ups well documented on Google, but has no regrets and wouldn't change a single thing. Especially not the three of you.”

 “Wherever I am - I will always be in the room just next door,” she signed off.