Katie Hopkins: 'Susanna Reid is like a deer. She doesn't know whether to freeze, leg it or have a quiet wee down her leg in fear'

The former Apprentice contestant had some less than complimentary words for the Good Morning Britain presenter

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Katie Hopkins is after a new job – Susanna Reid’s Good Morning Britain job, to be precise.

The news program, fronted by Reid and co-presenters Ben Shephard, Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher, has received mixed reviews since it was launched earlier this month.

But the former Apprentice star has an idea that she believes could turn the fortune of the show around – and has made the presenter the latest victim of her column for The Sun in order to actualise it.

“Susanna Reid is like a deer caught in headlights,” she began. “She doesn't know whether to freeze, leg it or have a quiet wee down her leg through fear.

“That water she is necking at 6am? Neat vodka I reckon.”

“They say there is a ‘Curse Of Strictly’,” she continued. “Given the fate of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, I wonder if there is a ‘Curse Of Daybreak’ too.”


She went on to suggest that Reid was to blame for the show’s flagging ratings because she put other women off watching.

“Women don’t like her,” she wrote. “We won’t forgive her for thinking she was the Queen Of ‘Strictly’, we don’t like the thought of putting fame before family – and she has great legs.”

The obvious solution to this apparent problem? Replace all female presenters with Hopkins… Says Hopkins: “What ‘GMB’ needs is an irritating woman with a big nose, posh voice and varicose veins who wives love to hate. I’m right here waiting.”

Reid’s turn on GMB hit the headlines on Monday (12 May), when Freddie Starr stormed out of her interview after she questioned whether he could have done “anything that could have been misinterpreted” in his previous relationships.

Her question hit a particularly sore point for the comedian, who found out last week that he would not be prosecuted over sexual assault allegations following 18 months on bail.

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