Katie Hopkins tells David Beckham to 'own your own problems' after dummy debate

'You make your living out of the world watching you. You can’t dictate a soft filter for the lens as well'

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Katie Hopkins has told David Beckham to "own his own problems" after the footballer hit back at criticism of his daughter's use of a dummy.

The footballer responded angrily to an article in the Daily Mail this week questioning his decision to let Harper use a pacifier at the age of four. The piece included quotes from "parenting experts" and claimed Harper was “well beyond the age” that health experts would approve of.

Beckham reacted with an Instagram post claiming “no-one” had the right to criticise his parenting decisions.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for Hopkins to wade into the dummy debate.

Writing in her weekly column for The Sun, Hopkins reminded Beckham he had amassed a sizeable chunk of his fortune from being a public figure, and so could not expect to control what was written about him in the media.

“Becks, you inked bundle of loveliness, you make your living out of the world watching you," she wrote. "You can’t dictate a soft filter for the lens as well.

“As I often lecture businesses, it is not the email you send which matters, but how people feel when they read it. Therein lies the truth of your words.

“To that end, it is not the dummy in your daughter’s face which matters, or the opinions of the sofa-sitting masses. You have to question why you are letting their opinions upset you and own your problem."

David Beckham was angry over an article questioning his use of a dummy

Clare Byam-Cook, one of the parenting experts quoted by the Daily Mail, later clarified her comments, telling the BBC she thought David and Victoria Beckham were “great parents and role models”.

"I think it is so wrong for people like me to pass judgement on their parenting. His daughter wasn't very well and it's her comfort,” she said.

“However, I still think aged four walking down the street that she should get her comfort from her father’s hand instead. Maybe at home is where you should give them the comfort of their dummy, blanket or whatever.”