Katie Hopkins tells Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner to 'get over herself and do something'

Hopkins is yet to win her own gold medal for decathlon as far as we can recall

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It was only a matter of time before Katie Hopkins launched into Caitlyn Jenner and now, that moment has come.

Katie Hopkins, serial motormouth and controversy addict, has told the newly-transitioned Olympian to "get over herself" after taking exception to all her posey photos and deciding she needs to learn a lesson.

The media commentator shared a glamourous picture from Jenner's latest promotion for upcoming docuseries I am Cait on Twitter, writing: "Caitlyn, get over yourself bird. Do something. Say something. Be something. Women are more than dresses and photoshoots".

Hopkins received a mixed reaction to her post, with some branding her "an inspiration to all women on how not to be" and others chiming their agreement and describing Jenner as "a pain".

Seemingly, Hopkins and her supporters have forgotten that Jenner, who revealed her new identity on the cover of Vanity Fair in June, has more than "done something" with her life. Unlike former reality TV show star Hopkins, she won an Olympic gold medal for the decathalon in 1976.

Jenner has been catapulted to LGBT icon status and started a column to inspire other trans people to reveal who they really are.

Hopkins, meanwhile, previously came under fire after arguing that fertility treatment should not be offered to same-sex couples on the NHS and describing Tom Daley's YouTube video coming out as "really lame".