Keith Richards: Rolling Stone reveals the secret to his seeming immortality

The musician gave the advice during his first Twitter Q&A

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How is Keith Richards still alive?

It’s a question that has puzzled music fans for decades. Not only has the Rolling Stones guitarist extensively discussed the enormous quantity of illegal drugs he’s ingested over the years at some length – including in his aptly titled biography Life – but he’s also cheated death on numerous occasion.

He gave up consuming his “breakfast of champions” (speedballs of cocaine and heroin) in 1978, after he was arrested for possessing the opiate for the fifth time. He only gave up cocaine, however, in 2006 at the age of 62, because he fell out of a tree and split his head open while foraging for coconuts on a high.

So the reason he gave for his seeming immortality was all the more baffling.

“Go to church on a Sunday,” the “Sympathy for the Devil” musician probably joked.

He added that one must maintain a “clean and healthy” lifestyle and take “plenty of exercise”. And no, lifting a pint of beer from table to mouth doesn’t count.

Richards delivered the advice to followers on Twitter as members of the band took part in their first ever Twitter Q&A.


Charlie Watts revealed that he and his wife own “about 300 horses”, while Ronnie Wood fascinatingly divulged that he cuts his hair nearly every day “because it is so hard to tame”.

The social media takeover came just days after a former US advisor to the Conservative party claimed that Mick Jagger had correctly predicted the outcome of the election, beating polls and experts to make the most accurate forecast.