Kellie Maloney on her children coming to terms with her transgender self: 'They will always call me dad'

The boxing promoter says that his children now call him “dad in a frock”

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Kellie Maloney has discussed the impact that her transition has had on her family.

The boxing promoter, formerly known as Frank Maloney, revealed earlier this month that she has been living as a woman for the past year and plans to undergo gender reassignment.

She has three children.

“My children are always going to call me dad, because I’m always going to be their dad,” she said. “They just say ‘dad in a frock.’”

Maloney retired from boxing in October 2013, after explaining she had “fallen out of love” with the sport, but recently revealed that the real reason was that she wanted to make her transition privately and quietly.

She was forced into making the public announcement after numerous publications tried to out her.

Maloney – who is currently a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - says that part of Frank still exists inside her.

“Part of me likes Frank, part of me don’t [sic]. He never cared about anyone; ‘Ok this is me, this is what I’ve done. If you don’t like me, I don’t give a…” she said on the Channel 4 show. “And that’s not how to live your life actually. Frank wasn’t a bad person; part of me is still that person. If Frank wasn’t in there, I wouldn’t have walked down that platform last night. I had to call on everything he’s done to get me down that platform. It’s like being born again, but like being born in the middle of your life.”

Video: Maloney talks about her gender reassignment  

She admitted that her life had become more “complicated” since the transition.

“As a guy you haven’t got to think about a lot of things, you just got up and got dressed,“ she said.

“But Kellie, it was like, ‘Do I wear that dress? Do I wear that dress? Do I look good in that?’”

“People don’t realise – it’s bloody hard being a woman.”