Kendall Jenner denies discussing Bruce Jenner's 'sex change': Here's why speculation is harmful

The model was quoted by US Weekly as confirming her father's 'transition', but she has denied giving the quotes

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Kendall Jenner has been the subject of yet another media storm around her father this week. The model was quoted as confirming her father Bruce Jenner was 'transitioning' by magazine US Weekly, which she has strenuously denied.

"Shame on US Weekly for making up quotes," Jenner wrote on Facebook and Twitter. "I NEVER said those things. I never spoke to them."

Bruce Jenner has been the subject of tabloid speculation about his gender, despite the fact that the former athlete has not spoken about it publicly. His stepdaughter Kim Kardashian has declined to speak on the matter in the past, saying that if Jenner wanted to address the rumours, he would do it himself.


But a trans activist tells The Independent why speculating over someone's gender can be extremely damaging - whether or not the person in question is changing their body.


"Sensational headlines do a great deal of damage," says Katie Glover, editor of Frock magazine. "Coming out as transgender and then transitioning to the opposite gender is something which very difficult to do. Often, as soon as people come out, they lose their jobs, their homes and they are shunned by their families and friends." Glover adds that if the person has confirmed they are transitioning, it should not be treated as a big deal.

"Having gender reassignment should be treated like have a hernia operation or having a growth removed. It should be no big deal and just another medical procedure. So what? Who cares?"

This is not the first time Bruce Jenner has been the subject of media controversy. Earlier this year InTouch magazine PhotoShopped make-up on to a photograph of the former decathlete and printed the picture with the coverline "My Life As a Woman".

Russell Brand came to Jenner's defence in January, saying that he was the victim of transphobic bullying.

The Independent has contacted US Weekly for comment.