Kevin Spacey pranks Hillary Clinton as House of Cards character in plea to sign Bill Clinton's birthday card

The former President needs a few more signatories on his birthday card

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In a particularly convoluted prank call, Kevin Spacey – in his House of Cards character Frank Underwood – rings Hillary Clinton as Bill Clinton.

Spacey as Underwood as Clinton attempts to persuade Hillary to buy him an elephant for his birthday (he turns 68 tomorrow, 18 August).  His accent is impeccable; perhaps if he tires of acting he could take over the former President’s telephone duties.

He goes on to offer his name suggestion for Chelsea Clinton’s baby (Frank obviously), at which point Hillary realises who it is.

Weirdly, the film was conceived by the Clinton Foundation and turns out to be a slightly embarrassing plea for the public to sign Clinton’s online birthday card.

The move is similar to the tactic employed by Barack Obama’s people last month for his birthday, when whoever manages the President’s Twitter account shared a series of tweets urging the world to sign one of three personalised cards to show their appreciation.