Kim Jong Un actor Randall Park issues surprisingly nonchalant response to the North Korean Sony cyberattacks

The Interview sparked the prolific hacks on Sony Pictures, dubbed one of the 'most serious' threats against US interests

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Randall Park played one of the most dangerous and controversial roles in recent cinematic history.

The 40-year-old Los Angeles-born actor took on the part of Kim Jong-Un in The Interview – the Seth Rogen-penned film about the assassination of the North Korean dictator.

The R-rated comedy sparked the prolific cyberattacks on Sony Pictures that saw scores of leaked emails between movie executives, as well as the personal details of its employees, published on the internet.

Actors Constance Wu (L) and Randall Park speak onstage during the 'Fresh Off the Boat' panel

The director of the FBI James Comey has since declared that the hackers “got sloppy” and had exposed their links to the Secret State.

Meanwhile James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, branded the cyberattacks the “most serious” threat against US interests that has ever been made.

Despite all this, Park – who is of South Korean decent – claims he was more surprised to see himself on the news than he was worried about his mortality.

“No, I was never worried for my safety or for getting hacked or any of that during that process,” he told reporters at a press event to promote his new ABC sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat.

“It was more, like, crazy to turn on the news and see my face… they're talking about Kim Jung On, but showing my face!”

True to his word, the actor and his young family were photographed a number of times throughout December happily going about his daily LA life, completely unguarded.

He wasn’t, however, aware of Sony’s intentions to release The Interview as a paid download online on Christmas Eve.

“That definitely was a crazy experience,” he continued.

“Right after the movie came out, everything kind of died down and I was, in my head, trying to piece everything together and I still haven't fully pieced everything together as far as what that experience meant to me. I was just really glad that movie came out and that in the end people got the chance to see the movie… I'm excited to move on from that.”