Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding: The people who definitely won’t be at the merger in Florence this weekend

The rapper has transformed into an out-and-out bridezilla to create the perfect nuptials - but these guests won't find their names on the 3,000-strong list

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Let’s face it. Most free-thinking, balanced individuals with a grasp on perspective and a sense of good taste probably don’t care about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian getting married this weekend.

And we wouldn’t either, were it not for the fact it is likely to be the most farcical A-list event to take place in recent history, with an equally farcical guest list and a Givenchy-clad unicorn.

The run-up to the big day – set to take place at the the 16th Century Belvedere Fort in Florence on Saturday (24 May) – has seen the hot-tempered rapper transform from seething hard man to out-and-out bridezilla as he rushed across Europe, desperately flinging cash at aristocrats in a vain attempt to convince the inherent upper echelons to lend them their monuments.

Turns out, they’re not too happy about it.

“This is a cultural war,” Arnaud-Aaron Upinsky, founder of Coordination for the Defense of Versailles, told The Times. “I find it extremely shocking.”


The celebrations so far have seen the couple cavorting the length and breadth of Paris - sometimes wearing underwear, sometimes not, and often in matching denim that would make a Nineties Spears and Timberlake weep with pride.

Kardashian is not, we are informed, on a pre-wedding diet (evidence: SHE ATE AN ICE CREAM IN PUBLIC), and Kanye is yet to unleash his inner kraken on an unsuspecting paparazzi, despite making a face that could curdle the sea at one who commented on Kim’s superb display of sideboob:


Kim’s hen party involved Champagne and the entire Eiffel Tower, which she and her reality TV star family had cordoned off from public use so they could do French things like eat frogs legs and snails and discuss Chanel. And it’s expected to draw to a dramatic close this evening, when the world’s “most talked about couple” (according to US Vogue) take over the Palace of Versailles to host an engagement party dressed as Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.


The guest list at the wedding itself is already strong on the “celebrity”. Jay Z is reportedly set to take on the role of best man, and is dragging Beyoncé with him. US Vogue editor Anna Wintour is on her way, as is famed fashion contributor André Leon Talley, who has packed his Valentino dinner kaftans and Chanel capes especially.

Far from an intimate affair, the couple have apparently invited upwards of 3,000 individuals at €75,000 per head. As a result, reports today suggest that the Italian military have been drafted in to assist the pair's personal security team and surround the 16th century fort.


So far, so ridiculous.

But there are at least six people in the world who definitely won’t be there to experience it. And they're all on Kanye's hate list. Click through the gallery above and find out.