Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint: Reality star leaves Paris in private jet with head covered

French police say masked men dressed as police broke into apartment of reality TV star and tied her up 

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Kim Kardashian West has left Paris on a private jet hours after she was allegedly tied up by masked men dressed as police and robbed at gunpoint. 

The reality TV star was staying at a luxury residence in the French capital for Paris Fashion Week when at least two men broke into her apartment and stole £8m-worth of jewellery, her publicist said.

Police told the Associated Press up to five men may have been involved but only two made their way into the building. A spokesperson for Kardashian West told The Independent she was “badly shaken up” but “physically unharmed".  

Kardashian was tied with packing tape after the men put a gun to her head, according to a report by Reuters. 

“She begged for them to let her live and [said] she has babies at home. Then they wrapped her mouth in tape and put her in the bathtub,” a source told E! News. “She thought they were for sure going to kill her.”

Pictures obtained by the Daily Mail showed Kardashian West being led to a plane by her assistant, her head completely obscured by a black scarf. 

She was accompanied by her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, who protected her last week when a prankster tried to grab her as she left a restaurant. 

It is not clear where Kardashian West’s children North, three, and Saint, nine months, were at the time but members of her family also in Paris were placed under police protection. Her husband Kanye West halted a concert in Queens, in New York, after an aide ran on stage and informed him of the situation. “I'm sorry, family emergency, I have to stop the show,” a distressed sounding West told the crowd before leaving the stage. 


Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said Kardashian, 35, will “always be welcome” in the city. She expressed her confidence that police would locate the perpetrators quickly said the alleged robbery “in no way calls into question police work or security of public space” in Paris. 

One of the items police identified as stolen was a ring worth €4m (£3.4m). Ms Kardashian attended the Balenciaga and Givenchy shows wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger and shared pictures of it on social media recently.


The Kardashian/Jenner family has been uncharacteristically quiet on social media since the incident, where James Cordon and Chrissy Teigen have criticised jokes made at Kardashian's expense and suggestions it was somehow her fault.