Kim Kardashian’s Photoshopped face used to demonstrate terrible effects of drug addiction

A Tennessee police department doctors an image of Kardashian to warn against the perils of meth

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A Photoshopped version of Kim Kardashian’s face has been used to highlight the consequences of crystal meth usage by a Tennessee police department.

Bradley County Sheriff’s Office ran a picture of the reality television personality as she appears in reality, alongside a hypothetical mocked-up image of what she might look like having used the class A drug. The pictures ran as part of a gallery aiming to warn people about the perils of taking meth.

However, the image has since been removed; in fact a slogan across the website now reads: ‘Under construction’. Upon being contacted by TMZ, the sheriff’s office said that they had no knowledge that the Kardashian’s picture had been featured on the site and put it down to a volunteer who no longer works with them.


Presumably Kardashian wasn’t contacted for usage consent, nor has Kardashian ever been associated with drugs before.

She is, however, unlikely to be thrilled that her face is being used to illustrate the extremely damaging effects of drug addiction.  Her spokesperson declined to comment.