Kim Kardashian-West accused of 'burying' correction to controversial morning sickness drug by posting during numerous VMA selfies

Trust the most followed person on Instagram to know how to bury bad news

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Kim Kardashian-West has issued a ‘#CorrectiveAd’ after endorsing a controversial morning sickness drug on Instagram, but was accused of 'burying' the apology by posting it in-between high-profile shots of her and her husband Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The FDA issued a warning letter in July informing Kardashian-West that her misleading social media posts, which have since been taken down, praised the drug Diclegis for helping her morning sickness, but failed to mention any of the numerous side-effects of taking it.

Kardashian-West claimed she linked out to all the relevant information at the bottom of the post, but this wasn't "sufficient" according to the FDA.

In her 322-word correction, Kardashian-West runs through every possible side-effect of taking the drug, including "severe drowsiness" and the fact that "Diclegis can pass into your breast milk and harm your baby". She also advises not operating heavy machinery while on the product.


But critics noted that she chose to issue the post during one of the busiest nights of the year - the MTV Video Music Awards, which she was attending with her husband and is known for its high volume of traffic across social media.

While the photos of her earlier in the evening and several of her posing with her husband got over a million likes each, her correction got just 380,000.


Given Kardashian-West is now the most followed person in the world on Instagram, it just goes to show that she really does know what she's doing.