Kristin Davis: I fear for my black daughter's safety even more since Donald Trump's win

'I have to protect my daughter at all costs,' actress says

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Kristin Davis has said the “terror” she has for her black daughter’s safety has been heightened in the wake of Donald Trump’s win. 

The Sex and the City actress adopted her daughter Gemma in 2011. Speaking at an event at The Greene Space in New York City last week to the journalist Rebecca Carroll, she relayed her fears of her daughter being subject to racial discrimination or abuse.

“I am white. I have lived in white privilege. I thought I knew before adopting my daughter that I was in white privilege, that I understood what it meant,” she said as she broke down in tears. 

“But until you have a child, which is like your heart being outside you and that heart happens to be in a brown body and you have people who are actively working against your child, it’s hard. It fills me with terror.”

The 51-year-old, who campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the campaign, said the increased motivation and need to protect her daughter began the day after Mr Trump’s win.

“I have to protect my daughter at all costs. My initial thoughts on Wednesday morning was that I wanted to move to the woods and learn to shoot a gun,” she said. “It makes no sense. I’m fully aware […] the fear of what is happening and how am I going to make sure that no one hurts my child, even in a subtle way, which already was a fear I had, obviously, but it just became so heightened.”