Lara Stone: ‘I was fired for being pregnant’

The model says the fashion industry didn’t take to her baby news well

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Lara Stone lost a modelling job, after she told her booker she was pregnant.

She had just discovered that she was expecting her first child, so informed the agents who had booked her for a big job about her condition in case they thought that she being unprofessional – should she start to feel tired or uncomfortable.

However, the news was not received well, and she arrived for the shoot to find out that someone else had been drafted in to replace her.

Although she was given no real reason for the last-minute swap, she was given the impression that it was due to her changing size.

“I was really upset at the time,” she told The Evening Standard.

“I hadn’t yet had my three-month scan and I felt really vulnerable about everything. I no longer had a job. That was it — I had to just stop everything that I knew; the way my life was.”

The 30-year-old model – who has fronted campaigns for Calvin Klein and Prada – gave birth to David Walliams’ child in May 2013, a boy called Alfred. The pair were married in May 2010.

She has since returned to work, although admits it hasn’t been easy trying to squeeze her body back into the perilously small sample sizes.

 “I’ve had a few meetings because when they hear pregnancy they freak out a bit,” she says, “so they need to see if I fit in their clothes.”