Why Ashton Kutcher thought Laura Prepon’s engagement was ‘unacceptable’

An unimpressed Kutcher says he learned of her engagement in the news 

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Laura Prepon has received congratulatory messages from around the world after announcing her engagement to fellow actor Ben Foster. 

But one person was less forthcoming with celebratory wishes: Ashton Kutcher, her long-time friend and former co-star on That 70s Show. Instead, he had one word for Prepon after learning of her impending nuptuals: “Unacceptable”. 

The actor was standing in as a co-host on Kelly Ripa’s show, Live With Kelly, for an episode where his friend, who he affectionally calls ‘Pre’, was a guest.  

Kutcher was unimpressed at having to learn of her engagement via the news, just like everyone else. 

“She just announced this engagement," he told Ripa. "I had to find out in the news! And she’s my friend, and it’s weird like that!”

Kutcher then directed his attention to Prepon. “Pre, this is unacceptable,” he told her. “This kind of thing is unacceptable,”

“Kutch,” she protested. “I know, but if anyone understands the private lives, you do. You get it.” 

But Kutcher was unmoved. “I get it, but private lives include friends!”