Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's Christmas attraction closes after children leave in tears

Visitors complained that the festive wonderland was nothing but “a joke” and the Simon Cowell elf was “pointless”

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Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen promised visitors that his version of a winter wonderland would “push the envelope”, with a “sensational selection of woodland”, but the attraction has been forced to close after hundreds of complaints.

The Magical Journey attraction opened for the first time on Saturday, but was quickly criticised on social media for “ruining the magic of Christmas”.

Guests were charged £22.50 to visit the festive park, situated at the Belfry golf club, in Wishaw.

Some children allegedly left in tears after the disappointing experience.

Visitor Matt Freeman said on Facebook: “You have used Christmas as an excuse to exploit people and part with hard earned money for what turned out to be a joke.

“I shall take this further and as for Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen he should be ashamed of this because quite honestly I could have cobbled something together better than this in my own back garden for half the cost.”

Ben Harvey also voiced his disappointment: “There is nothing for kids to do, the elf who is meant to be Simon Cowell is completely pointless. The advertised pictures are very different from what you see or do, in the not so magical journey!”

The company has strongly denied claims of a drinking, smoking Father Christmas - asserting that the comment was a "mickey take".

The Magical Journey Experience has since issued a statement, saying that it will close for three days from today until Tuesday 25 November in order to “implement changes and improvements to the experience”. The company blamed “torrential rain effecting the lighting and sound”.

Customers who have already visited or are planning a visit over the next coming days will either be refunded or a given the chance to experience the attraction again.

“It is important that we deliver the high quality experience you are expecting and hope to reopen with improvements and changes having been made,” read the statement.

A spokesperson for Llewelyn-Bowen could not be reached.