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National Gallery: Kathleen Adler, "Drawings (iv): Degas, After the Bath", 1pm.

Victoria and Albert Museum: Jean Schofield, "The Chair (iii)", 2.30pm.

British Museum: George Hart, "Hathor and the Rage of Sakhmet", 1.15pm.

National Portrait Gallery: Wendy Nelson-Cave, "Shakespeare's Patrons", 1.10pm.

Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution, London N6: Lyndall Gordon, "Hidden Lives, Shared Lives - the frontiers of biography", 7.45pm.

Leicester University: Professor M. Stannard, "A Matter of Life and Death", 5.15pm.

RIBA Architecture Centre, London W1: Ken Yeang, "The Skyscraper: bioclimatically considered", 6.30pm.

University College London, London WC1: Professor Anthony H. Dickenson, "Pains, Brains and Opium", 5.30pm.