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l THE cry of "one more token and I'm finished" has echoed around this house on many occasions over the past few months as the deadline approaches for yet another prize draw in the Independent. Like those of us who have collected tokens in the hope of winning anything from compact discs to Twiggy's Mercedes, Jonathan Aitken seems resolved to postpone his inevitable prize resignation until he has collected a full set ("One more scandal and I'm finished", 18 June). Can someone please send the man a bonus token?

Jonathan Punt, Wysall, Notts

l AFTER reading various articles about Jonathan Aitken's involvement or non-involvement with BMARC, it struck me that it is all irrelevant. To my mind it does not matter whether arms were sold to Iran or not. The very fact that he wanted to join a company that makes and/or sells arms is enough.

Tony Roan, Swansea

l ONE glaring cause omitted from your article on ribbons was the pink and blue for Child Support Agency victim awareness ("Got a cause? There's a ribbon for it", 11 June). Is this because the Government has suppressed all adverse comment about the agency since the whitewash of the January reforms?

P A Wright, Scunthorpe