Lil Jon claims Donald Trump called him 'Uncle Tom' on the set of The Apprentice

'Several of my  cast mates and I addressed Mr Trump immediately when we heard the comment,' says the rapper

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Lil Jon has claimed Donald Trump referred to him as “Uncle Tom” while filming The Celebrity Apprentice back in 2013.

On Friday, the Daily Beast published a report alleging the Republican candidate referred to the rapper as “Uncle Tom” when he saw him dressed as Uncle Sam as part of a segment on the show.

The 45-year-old rapper, best known for the song “Turn Down For What”, released a statement via Twitter confirming reports Mr Trump referred to him as “Uncle Tom” and explaining that he directly confronted the billionaire as soon as he became aware of the remarks.

Lil Jon said he was not sure whether Mr Trump was conscious of the offensive nature of the term but he stopped using it once he and his castmates spoke to him.

“When this ‘Uncle Tom’ incident happened on Celebrity Apprentice in the boardroom several of my cast mates and I addressed Mr Trump immediately when we heard the comment,” Lil Jon said. 

“I can’t say if he knew what he was actually saying or not but he did stop using that term once we explained its offensiveness.”

“I also want to be clear that I don’t agree with many of the statements Mr Trump has said during his current run for President,” the musician added.

Lil John, whose real name is Jonathan Smith, is an Atlanta Georgia-born record producer, rapper, and the frontman of Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz which he formed in 1997. He appeared on Celebrity Apprentice during both its 11th and 13th seasons.

The term “uncle Tom” is used to deride a black man considered to be subservient to white people.

A representative for Mr Trump did not immediately respond to request for comment.