Lily Allen posts hospital ‘selfie’ as she’s admitted for mystery poisoning

“I can't stop projectile vomiting, also temperature #poisoned,” she wrote on Twitter, before blaming Alan Carr for serving decidedly dodgy Bombay Mix

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Lily Allen was admitted to hospital today – but wasn’t too sick to tweet a glamorous selfie reclining in her gown with a drip hanging out of her arm.

The pop singer had apparently been filming an appearance on Channel 4 show Alan Car Chatty Man when she complained that she’d begun to feel under the weather, hammering the point home to management via a series of not-so-cryptic tweets of Lemsip and bottled water.

“I can't stop projectile vomiting, also temperature #poisoned,” she wrote, before jokingly posting to Alan Carr that she was holding the on-set Bombay Mix consumed on his show personally responsible.

Then this morning, disaster struck:

Her message was followed by a retweeted message from an observant follower, who pointed out that she looked “like a My Chemical Romance fan”.

Allen, whose third album Sheezus was released on Monday 5 May, is the latest in a long list of nauseous famous people who have jumped on the ‘sick selfie’ bandwagon.

Last month, Miley Cyrus gave her ‘Smilers’ (that’s the name for her fans, apparently. We had no idea either) a fright when she posted an equally pasty picture of herself in hospital, where she was apparently being treated by a plastic octopus for having an allergic reaction to some antibiotics: