Lily Allen's message to the Coalition: 'Go f**k your mum'

Singer makes her political views clear in newly released demo

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Lily Allen has declared herself a “red girl” in a tuneful message to the Coalition in a newly released demo.

The track “I Was Born in the 80s” was released on Monday with several other songs for “lols”, according to the singer on Twitter.

Opening with background noise from what sounds like a protest, the political note is set from the off and the song takes swings at austerity measures, election losses and relationships exposed by the Leveson Inquiry.

“Few things been happening lately – Mr Cameron, please debate me. It’s all gone a bit Scargill,” Allen sings.

“Don’t forget to take your friends with you, I’m a red girl.”

Allen, who told the Times she would vote for Gordon Brown in 2009, makes things a little more explicit with the chorus.

It goes: “Sick of this, sick of this, go f**k your mum. Sick of this Coalition, what you done?”

The Sheezus singer, 29, goes on to sing about “better days around the corner”, adding “we need a change”.

Although the song was one of what the artist billed as “old demos” on Twitter, the song seems to make references to the recent local and European election results, as well as next year’s general election.

Allen sings: “I’m speaking for the UK now, just clear your desk and go away now. Must know you look stupid, aren’t you losing seats now to Ukip?

“You’re supposed to be our protector – what about the whole public sector? Cover up them cuts, look rational - know all about you and News International.”

Allen, who has two children, previously criticised the Prime Minister over his reaction to Gary Barlow’s alleged tax-dodging.