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The following Major Awards for 1993 have been announced by the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn:

SCHOLARSHIPS: Denning Scholarships: Piers Acland (University College London); Jacqueline Crawford (Emmanuel, Cambridge); Malcolm Sheehan (Oriel, Oxford). Cassel Scholarships: Pradeep Tiwana (Wolverhampton Polytechnic); Sanjay Lal (University College London); Geoffrey Mead (Brasenose, Oxford). Shelford Scholarships: Marie-Claire Bleasdale (Queens', Cambridge); Jenny Ken (New College, Oxford). Droop Scholarships: Daniel Barnett (Leeds University); Matthew Wagstaff (University of East Anglia). Walter Wigglesworth Scholarship: Thomas Otley (Durham University). Eastham Scholarship: Lisa Roberts (St Catherine's, Oxford). Megarry Scholarships: Sabuhi Chaudhry (North London Polytechnic); James Hilsdon (Trinity Hall, Cambridge). Hubert Greenland Scholarships: David Taylor (Robinson, Cambridge); Yasmeen Zafar (Wadham, Oxford). Levitt Scholarship: Myles Wilson (Leeds University).

SIR THOMAS MORE BURSARIES: Marcus Grant (Reading University); Fiona Davidson (Huddersfield Polytechnic); Mark Harper (Downing, Cambridge); Michael Hayton (St Anne's, Oxford); Ian Philliskirk (University College London); Elliot Pound (Robinson, Cambridge); Douglas Tappin (South Bank Polytechnic); Anthony Verduyn (Durham University); Kirsten Barry (Sheffield University); Justin Bowen (Jesus, Cambridge); Nicholas Briggs (Bristol Polytechnic); Nicholas Cole (Birmingham University); Matthew Nicklin (Newcastle University); Richard Pates (UCW, Cardiff); Levi Peter (Polytechnic of Central London); Joy Hankins (Leicester University); David Blayney (Lincoln, Oxford); Charles Row (Portsmouth Polytechnic); Robert Platt (St John's, Oxford); James Wakefield (Keele University); Tracey McLevy (Liverpool Polytechnic). Upjohn Award: Michael Upson (Leicester Polytechnic).

HARDWICKE ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS (awarded Hilary Term 1993): SS Choonagh (Warwick University and Trinity, Oxford); DA Hoffman (University College, Oxford); D. Lightman (Magdalen, Oxford); S. Salzedo (Keble, Oxford); PS Tiwana (Wolverhampton University); S. Agha (UCW Aberystwyth); Miss N. Atreya (King's, London); J. Chesser (Warwick University); K. Dobe (Southampton University); D. Field (Trinity Hall, Cambridge); Miss C. Jones (Lancaster University); G. Stapleton (Hull University); S. Trafalgar-Phillips (Oriel, Oxford); Miss E. Wilmot (Merton, Oxford); JP Walton (Christ Church, Oxford); S. Hampton (Magdalene, Cambridge).