Lindsay Lohan, once charged with three crimes during one crash, reportedly films car insurance advert

The once-troubled actor has reportedly filmed an advert for Esurance, according to TMZ

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Lindsay Lohan is, presumably, no stranger to the hassle of filling out car insurance forms after pranging her car, so it follows that she's now said to be the new face of Esurance.

Having been arrested for two DUIs, as well as allegedly hitting a pram, crashing into a car outside a night club, driving into an 18-wheel truck and smashing into a pedestrian, Lohan might just be the perfect spokesperson for car insurance.

TMZ reports that the actor is shooting the advert on Long Beach, California, and speculates it could be aired during the plum Super Bowl slot.


After a difficult few years involving spells in rehab and jail, Lohan recently delivered a well-received run of performances in David Mamet play Speed-The-Plow.

The irony of Lohan's insurance campaign will not go unnoticed by film fans, as she has been notoriously difficult to insure over the years for movie production. She was said to be so unreliable on set that she became so expensive to insure that major studios reportedly could not use her, as a delay of just one day can cost a studio up to £165,000. This lead to Lohan taking on roles in lower budget pictures such as The Canyons.

The Independent has contacted Lohan's agent for comment.