Lindsey Graham trumps Donald with video guide on how to destroy your mobile phone

After The Apprentice star gave away his number, Mr Graham had a message for Mr Trump: 'This is for the veterans'

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Tired with Donald Trump stealing the headlines for far too long (he's off to the Mexican border today with a whole gaggle of journalists), Republican presidential rival Lindsey Graham managed to throw one of the business mogul's gimmicks right back in his wig-topped face.

The South Carolina Senator angered Mr Trump when he criticised his attack on veteran John McCain. After Mr Trump said he preferred war heroes who had not been captured, Mr Graham said of The Apprentice star: "Run for president. But don't be the world's biggest jackass."

Mr Trump's response was to publicly read out Mr Graham's personal mobile phone number. Mr Trump encouraged his supporters to call Mr Graham, which they dutifully did, thus filling up his voice mail to full capacity.

Mr Graham tweeted that he was probably going to get a new phone, asking, "iPhone or Android?" But then he did something even better: he released a video with the help of the Independent Journal Review showcasing the best, most satisfying ways to destroy your mobile phone. Whether you have an annoying ex bombarding with phone calls or you've unfortunately got on the wrong side of the Trump, Mr Graham's video is necessary viewing:

The video shows Mr Graham using a range of instruments and means to destroy his Samsung flip phone: meat cleaver, blender, golf club or large stone; all help to shield Mr Graham's technology from the Trump "crazies."

At the end of the video, Mr Graham has a message for his rival: "Or if all else fails, you can always give your phone to the Donald. This is for the veterans." Mr Graham then throws the phone off screen.

The most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll on the Republican candidates for the White House put Mr Trump on 17 per cent of support, slightly behind former Florida Governor Jeb Bush on 18 per cent.

Mr Trump was behind be eight per cent just last week.

Additional reporting by the AP