Linnaean Society

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The Linnaean Society of London has made the following awards:

Linnean Medal (for services to Botany): Dr Barbara Pickersgill, Reading University. Linnean Medal (for services to Zoology): Professor Lincoln Pierson Brower, University of Florida. HH Bloomer Award (for an amateur naturalist who has made an important contribution to biological knowledge): Mr David C. McClintock. Bicentenary Medal (in recognition of work carried out by a biologist under 40): Dr Andrew Benjamin Smith, Natural History Museum. Jill Smythies Prize (for published botanical illustration): Ms Caroline Mary Bates, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. Irene Manton Prize (for the best Ph D thesis in Botany): Dr William Justin Goodrich, University of East Anglia.

Inner Temple

The following have been elected as Masters of the Bench of Inner Temple:

The Hon Mr Justice Singer; Heather Carol Hallett QC; Michael Henry Lawson QC; Roger Edward Lound Ter Haar QC; Stephen William Bickford-Smith; Margaret Osborne Bickford- Smith.


Kate Markus and Mr George Pulman QC, to be members of the Legal Aid Board, with effect from 1 March, for periods of four years.

Mr Andrew Thomas, to be a member of the Legal Aid Board, with effect from 1 April, for a period of three years.

Mr Geoffrey Charles Wesson Harris QC, to be a Circuit Judge.