Lord Sugar takes a swipe at Paris Hilton by asking heiress 'what do you actually do?'

The Apprentice boss had a burning question for Hilton

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Lord Sugar appeared to be taking no prisoners on Twitter overnight when he took a swipe at Paris Hilton and his long-time nemesis, Piers Morgan.

Fresh from blasting his former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins for her tweets about Cilla Black’s death (“Why don’t you shut up you idiot!”) Lord Sugar turned his attention to the heiress after she posted yet another picture of herself while in Ibiza, where Hilton has a DJ residency.

“Hello Ms Hilton,” he replied, “can you tell me what you actually do?”

Hilton's actual profession has long been a subject of debate, but a quick Google search will tell you the 34-year-old is a screenwriter, TV personality, television producer, film producer, author, fashion designer, actor, model, jewelry designer and singer.

Lord Sugar also took a moment to brand Piers Morgan a “deluded twit” over an interview where Morgan joked about him being fired from the Celebrity Apprentice because Lord Sugar “is a bitter and twisted little Spurs fan” and discussed rumours he could be replacing him on the Apprentice, where he couldn't help but make another dig. 

“I hear Sugar might go out to America to take over there and if they want a younger and better looking model to fill the vacancy over here, then there you go,” Morgan told The Mirror.

“I couldn't rule it out. As a former winner on a global stage it would be a bit of a come down to go to Lord Sugar’s level, but there it’s a possibility.”